Benefits and Side Effects of Teeth Whitening


Below are some of the benefits and potential risks of teeth whitening

What are teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening are very common and basic kind of cosmetic dentistry. People visit their dentist to have their teeth whiten at least twice or once a year. This is to clean up the cavities and plaque stored and sticks in the teeth. There are many reasons why our teeth become discolored and stained like some foods and drinks as well as smoking. You have some options to have teeth whitening done. You can visit your dentist to have professional in-office teeth whitening and pay $ 300 to $ 1000. It depends on the dentist, place and his level of experience. You can also used professional take-home teeth whitening kit for an average of $ 400. The last option is simply buy over the counter teeth whitening for below a hundred dollars and do it at home. What will be your choice?

Benefits and Side Effects of Teeth Whiteningteeth whitening

Let’s talk about the benefits that you can get from teeth whitening first. Teeth whitening can remove stains, discoloration and plaque in your teeth. The result is whiter, brighter, stunning teeth and great smile. Wow! Just simply amazing feeling you’ll have. It is not only you who will be amazed but of course, all people around you. You will have the courage to show your big and wide smile. You can confidently face everybody without any hesitations. That is the power of white teeth. How about side effects of teeth whitening? Most people are satisfied after teeth whitening but there are reports of some side effects happened in certain people. It is because of the procedures and teeth whitening products used.

During teeth whitening procedures, the dentin layer of our teeth is exposed and may feel tooth sensitivity. This inconvenience can avoid by telling your dentist first before doing the process. There are teeth whitening products that are specially made for sensitive teeth. Prolong exposure of whitening solution to our gum may cause bleeding, soft tissue irritation and pain in the gum. Dentist should know and avoid too much exposure of whitening solution like hydrogen peroxide in our gum while bleaching your teeth.

It is happening in some cases only. Sometimes, someone may not get the expected result they want. There are parts of the teeth that are stained deeply and have internal discoloration. These kinds of teeth are candidates for veneers and not teeth whitening. Do you know that having teeth whitening very often will result to grayish or translucent teeth? Well, that is annoying. Always remember that too much of everything is not good. It is very important to consult your dentist first if you really need teeth whitening. He will decide what kind of procedure is best for you and what kind of materials are needed to your teeth. Make sure to clean your teeth regularly to avoid too much stain from foods and drinks. Eat healthy foods and avoid too many sweets and caffeine. It is you who is responsible in taking good care of your teeth.

Many people that choose to have teeth whitening often get other procedures as well. This is mainly because most people have bad teeth and a great number of people have missing teeth and need dental implants. If this sounds like you than you need to act now and get it addressed.