Dental Crowns and Tooth Bridges

Dental crowns and tooth bridges are cosmetic dentistry methods that using prosthetic devices. What are prosthetics? Prosthetics are any artificial devices that used to replace missing parts of our body due to accident or diseases. They are already fixed unlike dentures that can take out anytime. They are bonded and can take out only by dentist. They are devices that help us move on with our life and look good after all. Without them, our life will be frustrating. For example, if you lost your teeth because of an accident, life will not be the same anymore. It will be hard to eat, talk and to laugh with missing teeth. Dental crowns and tooth bridges can really save your smiles.

What are dental crowns and tooth bridges?

Dental-Crowns-and-BridgesDental crown is used to cover or encircle a damaged tooth or the entire teeth in dental implant. It is usually needed when cavities are under controlled. It is used to restore your damaged teeth’s appearance too. Since it is a prosthetic device, dental cement is used to bond it to the damaged teeth. What are advantages that you can get from dental crown? It can strengthen fractured and damaged teeth. We all know that damaged teeth are weak because of bacteria that cause cavities. Besides, dental crown can improve your damaged teeth outside appearance. It is also used to cover any dental implant treatment done by your dentist.

How do dental crowns and tooth bridges work?

Dental crown can reshape and realign the damaged teeth. The result is threatened, better and beautiful teeth. How about tooth bridges? What are the benefits that we can get from it? Your dentist may recommend tooth bridges if you miss one or more teeth. Something may happen if you have gaps between your teeth. There are times that your teeth will rotate or move to empty gaps between. The result will be scattering teeth or many gaps between teeth. This will result to a bad bite and gum disease. It is such ashamed. Don’t worry it can be fixed by our talented dentist. They will advise you to put a prosthetic device called tooth bridges.

Tooth bridges will replace the missing tooth or teeth as well restore the alignment of the rest of your teeth. It can be made of porcelain or ceramics. Your dentist can match the color of materials that will use to your teeth. Tooth bridges are usually cemented to the original teeth or dental implants if there’s any. The result is no more gaps and no more missing teeth. Dental crown and tooth bridges are done by strict and careful procedures. Dentist will reduce the original size of damaged tooth or teeth. This is to make sure that prosthetic devices will fit perfectly. After that, exact mold will be prepared and dental technician will make your crown or bridge. A temporary prosthetic device can be used until the dentist is ready to set the permanent ones. Dental crowns and tooth bridges are expensive but can last a lifetime if you know how to take care properly.