About Breast Implants and Asymmetry

breast implants asymmetry

Breast implant symmetry problems

Malposition is the name we give to breast implants whose desired symmetry fails to materialize. The chest wall is where the breast implants would rest on when they are fitted .However, it may happen that in some cases, the breasts fail to rest on the chest wall and instead, assume different positions. As a result, you will have asymmetrical breasts which vary from the bare noticeable to glaring ones. The asymmetrically appearing breasts are a source of big embarrassment to those having them because it is noticeable in any kind of clothing and regardless of how good the bra you have. What should one do?

Correcting the anomaly

Having any one kind of breast implant (gummy bear, silicone, saline etc) is not cast in stone. It is such that it can always be adjusted to the correct symmetry as desired. In this case, if you have asymmetrical breasts, the corrective surgery is the way to go. If you are not comfortable with position of the breasts, it is advisable that you go for revision cosmetic surgery. The degree of the asymmetry may vary to some degree, but nevertheless will require the attention of the plastic surgeon for timely action.

breast surgery revision asymetryHow to tell that the implants are not well positioned?

It is not always automatic that the implants are not properly positioned without seeing some symptoms. For instance; the upper pole of the breast will appear fuller than usual. In such a case, is advisable that you take the necessary action. The reason for this unusual appearance is probably because the implants have moved up the upper parts of the breast or did not settle at the right place on the supposed location. Corrective surgery will see them restored to their rightful position. In some cases, the breast tissue is the culprit, causing the breast implants to take up the position. In this credit would be important to remove the breast tissue so that the implant can sit properly on the chest wall.

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Bottoming out

The lower pole may not be spared by the bottoming action of the breast implants .There are a few reasons why this usually happens. To begin with, the weight of the implant will have a greater impact on the position of the breast, causing it slide to the lower position. It also happens that the breads may have lost the much needed elasticity. Lastly, if the pocket of the breast implant lies lower than is usual, it will be expected that the breast implant will bottom out.

When this happens, the right thing to do is to talk to the corrective surgeon so that the inflammatory fold is reconstructed on either side for purposes of supporting the weight of the breasts.

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Nipple problem

Another reason why you may lack symmetry in the breasts is that sometimes the breast nipples get misdirected to the point that the areola complex fails to take up the correct position at the most projecting part of the breast. In such a case, there will need to get a surgeon carry out surgery on the areola to correct this.